EWSNet. The Early Warning Signal Network

Hi :wave: ! Welcome to the offical webpage for EWSNet, a deep learning framework for modeling and anticipating regime shifts in dynamical systems .

Interdisciplinary research is key to understand this complex heteregenous world. Through machine learning, we introduce and unveil to the community, a new dimension for modeling, understanding, and anticipating the behaviours of dynamical systems.

We are a group of passionate researchers who enjoy thinking beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines, inorder to better understand and impact the world around. If you would like to collaborate on projects, or provide feedback, please feel free to reach out through email :mailbox_closed:.


Jan 19, 2022 Our work Machine Learning Methods Trained on Simple Models can Anticipate Crtitical Transitions in Complex Systems has been accepted to the Royal Society Open Science Journal :sparkles:
Jan 19, 2021 The preprint of our work on EWSNet is now available on bioRxiv. Check it out here:zap: